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Noosa Triathlon 2014

November 12, 2014

I was up at the Noosa triathlon on my own this year, Mike had exams. I was very keen to peg myself against the girls so I was happy to keep it low key and do my own thing. 


Race morning was easy going with a walk down from the outrigger only taking 10 minutes. Being Olympic distance it didn't take long to get the gear ready.


The seeded men got called and then the women shortly after but there was not much time between the waves so we had to sprint to get from the shore to the start line. 


I started on the right hand side closest to shore, hoping that I would have a good line to the first right hand turn buoy. I was in the pack albeit at the back until just after the second buoy when there was a surge on the straight where the current is pushing outward. Unfortunately if you get dropped off the back in this section it is much harder to get back on. I swam the remainder of the swim in a small pack of three. 


It was quiet in transition there were only four bikes left so I knew I would have to put some work in to make up for the swim. I took off from girls I was with and attacked the ride. I was about a minute down. Mel passed me on the hill and ride up to the next group. I didn't reach them until after the turn around. I think I moved up three positions on the bike.


Noosa Bike leg (Photo credit: Adrian Cowan)


Into the run and I hadn't realised the gap the front girls had put in on the bike. I thought I had a cracker ride but really the lead group had pulled away by a further 3 minutes. This is something I need to address. 


Onto the run and I couldn't seem to get the speed going. I settled in nicely but wasn't really running the quick. I was passed by felicity just before the bridge and worked my way passed Radka at about the 7 k mark. I was in 8th, Mel was about a minute ahead and Radka the same behind. I decided to just control the rest of the run and so I finished in this position. 


Noosa run leg (Photo credit: Rachael Paxton)



All-in-all an ok day finishing in 8th amongst a strong field, but it does raise an issue with my bike strength at the moment or potentially that the swimming is hurting the very first part of the bike.


Thanks to the Reddog team for all the support on course and Kristen for looking after my bags! Thanks also, Endura, Rudy Project, CompressSport, No More Knots, Brooks for the continued support.


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