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Qattro Glenelg Triathlon 2015

February 3, 2015



Time for a brand spanking new race. Thanks to Qattro (http://qattro.com.au/) Adelaide has a new race that is serious quality. Held on the beaches of Glenelg the race is a show case of the Adelaide shoreline and thanks to Flight Centre Active Travel and Stephen Stubbs, I was able to make it to the start line, with some pretty cool demo wheels from Profile Design. 


Pre race
I arrived in Adelaide late on Friday night after doing, what is becoming known as the race dump at the airport after work on Friday.  Mum picked me up on the other side.

On Saturday I did a short ride down to Glenelg to catch up with a friend. For those of you who don't know Trevor Skewes, he is a bit of a legend in Adelaide and at 70; he recently finished his 12th ironman at Busselton. I always love chatting with Trevor he's a top bloke and has lots of knowledge about the sport. This is the view of the Qattro Glenelg Triathlon from the Westpac LifeSaver Rescue Helicopter. How good is Adelaide. Below is another photo from above with everyone swimming past the Jetty.


In the afternoon I went to register and rack. The team at Profile Design had kindly provided me with a set of the Profile Design 58mm carbon clinchers to demo on race day. In the end I was lucky because one of my singles had gone flat. One of the cool things the Profile Design team are doing lately is providing demo wheels to try at races, so keep an eye out. The next race for them is Husky so check them out at the Expo if you’re keen to give the wheels a try #freespeed. The guys were kind enough to check my bike over and they even straightened my derailleur hanger.

Race morning
I had a really good prep on race day morning. I had plenty of time and managed to get a short run in beforehand. We were told early in the morning that we would not have wetsuits. The water temperature was 21.6. The limit for elites is 21. I decided to go for a dip just 15 minutes before the race start. In cold conditions it is always a good idea to take a dip to protect against the initial shock of hitting the water. It’s also important to leave it as late as possible and have a towel to throw over your shoulders before the start so you don’t get too cold waiting.


The Swim
The race started and I didn't have the best entry. I ran into the water and effectively "planked" with close to a bellyflop in one foot deep water. I got up and was loosing ground fast. I had to persist but was getting dropped as I had no rhythm to my dolphining. I realise now that I need to practice ins-and-outs the next time I have a similar beach start. For the record, I wore just bathers. I find they have less drag in non-wetsuit swims if you dont have your speed suit. In the end, I had an ok swim and exited the water in a reasonable position.


 Photo credit: Steve O'Brien, Fuse Coach, Get your pics at http://fusemultisport.smugmug.com


The Bike
There was a long transition from the beach to the park near the Buffalo Restaurant. This worked in my favour. Onto the bike and Renee took off. I was a little nervous seeing her ride up the road as I know she's a strong bike/runner but I eventually settled in. There were 20 knot winds on the bike so oneway was really fast and the other a drag. I noticed that I was catching Renee on the second lap into the headwind so I put in a big effort and caught back up and was in the lead by lap three. We rode a similar pace on lap three and four. I didn't want to make another play for a break so I backed it off on lap four because I had a stack of confidence in my run and wanted to protect my legs. We entered T2 together. My bike split ended up the fastest. 


The Run
I had a cracker of a T2 and legged it out onto the course. Trent has had me doing lots of 1k efforts off the bike recently and it is working a treat. My legs felt really good. I belted the first 5k and built up a lead that I knew was enough. I then backed it off a bit. There was a head wind on the outbound section so I took this part easy. The run home was a cruise with the tailwind at my back. I ended up with a solid 37 flat for the run with some room to spare.



Thanks and what’s next?

Thanks to Stephen Stubbs for the classy race and Qattro Group for sponsoring (qattrogroup.com.au), Flight Centre Active Travel for getting me there, Profile Design for the wheel demo (some pics below  - I don't take changing my gear before a race lightly but this gear is quality stuff) and the usual suspects Scody, Endura, Brooks Australia, Rudy Project Oz, CompressSport, No More Knots, RED DOG Tri training, Aussie Tom, Avanti plus the Valley, Mike and my training buddies. Great start to 2015, now for 70.3 Geelong next week.


Check out Flight Centre Active Travel if you are headed to Adelaide for the Duathlon Worlds in October 2015. Scotty can help you scott.mccarthy@fcactivetravel.com.


Podium: Renee Baker, Me, Maddie Oldfield

 My Scott Plasma TT with the Profile 58mm Demo Wheels #freespeed


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