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Back to back 70.3s

April 6, 2016

Photo credit: Asiatri.com


It was the first time I have ever attempted two 70.3s back to back within a week, but I can happily report it is certainly achievable. The toughest thing about doing the double was being able to mentally back up. This was my biggest learning from the experience. I had a few problems in the run one being a little stack and the second being a belated 5m penalty from the bike (which I contested to no avail). Despite that, I was still keen to fight it out to the finish. I have added another 60s video at the end if you are interested in seeing the sights of Putrajaya. 


Some of my key observations for going back to back:


1. Timing your travel is important

I had booked my flight from Taiwan to Malaysia for the day after the first race. I think I had a fraction to much rushing around on the Monday and perhaps would have benefited from some more rest and recovery on the Monday after race 1. 


2. The week went real fast

Days went spinning by at a rate of knots, mainly because I wanted more recovery time. I was able to enjoy a massage, eat well and hydrate, however, there was a feeling I was speeding out of control at a brick wall.


3. Organisation

I felt far more organised for the second race. The check-in, race bag set up, lead in preparation etc was far less stressful for the second race because of the practice the week before. 


4. Run down

I was run down from the first race. I had a cold sore, sore throat and sniffle develop on the Wednesday. I tried to sleep it off but I seem to always get a little run down after a 70.3. Overcoming this will be a challenge for me if I try and do the double again. By race day symptoms were reduced to a sniffle but I imagine the effect of the virus was lingering. 


5. Mind set

I approached the race with the mind set of following the plan. I felt no matter what happened (aka incidents included), I would walk away positive if I could honestly say I did what we had planned and for this reason I was fairly pleased with the race. I had a solid swim (improvement on the previous week), I rode at the assigned rpm. I guess I was disappointed with the run.


A special thanks and congratulations to fellow TriSutto athlete Kate Bevilaqua for coming back and checking I was ok when I fell. She also helped me up and supported me to get running again. So selfless. Despite all that had happened, it put a smile on my face when I sore her with 3rd place flowers at the finish. 




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