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Monty Python meets triathlon

August 16, 2016


Chungju was a little quirky. It being a new race meant a few little creases but all in all it was a very safe and enjoyable event. it was nice to win the inaugural event. 


The vibe around the event just felt a little Monty Python, random quirky observations:

  • Swimming in an above ground 25 yard rubber kids pool.

  • A race sponsor offering, and a large proportion of athletes accepting, being layered in strapping tape. "Scues me, scues me, tape your elbow.. (athlete) why its not sore.. where can I strap? (athlete) Im good."

  • Transfers were a challenge at times and one athlete managed to get a lift back to the hotel on top of a farm truck.

  • I found myself lost in Chungju multiple times. Google maps are not licensed in Korea.

  • I found myself at a meeting of the united nations at dinner with a couple of Russian civilians at truce with a soldier in the US Military.

  • I watched the local Race Director (a bit of a local Ironman legend himself) ride along the run course on a folding bike.

  • Our hotel was perched on top of a massive hill, in the middle of no-where, yet it was sold out - but only seven triathletes stayed there - go figure.

  • The hotel staff at the Kensington Resort (aka the Grand Budapest Hotel) never actually knew which room the guests were in but strangely made the best coffee I had in six weeks.

The course reminded me of Western Sydney. The swim was point to point at the venue for the 2013 rowing world championships, the ride was on country roads through apple orchids (with a couple of little hills) and the run was flat along the regatta. 


A few great photos:






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