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Sheikh and Bake

December 13, 2016


Bahrain was one of the most amazing travel experiences I have ever had. I was welcomed by Greer Sansom’s G-train squad right from the minute I landed. The guys felt like an extended family. Some of them being Sheikh’s, would actually be good to have as extended family.... VLOG and some more images at the bottom...


As expected the place is very dry. Bahrain 70.3 falls in the winter for the Kingdom. So the only burn I was getting was a wind burn. There is a lot of history in the region with Bahrain being the first place to hit oil, it holds the tree of life and is home to the Al Khalifa Royal family. 


I think the media gives the region a bad wrap. It is as safe as houses. The people are funny. Bahrain, in particular is more liberated than neighbouring countries. with a 35% expat community, people are free to choose what they would like to wear etc. However, modesty should be respected. 


As for the race, I honestly felt I had a chance for the win when Emma left transition running much quicker than me. I was running at a quick but controlled pace. I knew we would have a headwind coming home and also that she had less long course experience than me. I sort of ignored her running away from me until the 10k mark of the run. So I basically kept my pace steady and focused on reeling her in after 10k. Based on my run training of late, I knew I would outrun everyone else who came off the bike with us.


It was so great to finish the year this way. Cam and I have been putting in a lot of work training and we have made some pretty major changes to the way I swim and also my bike set up. I was very happy but also quite relieved to have a great race. I had got sick at important times and it meant that I didn't race well at the championship races (Sunny Coast and Kona). I was nervous before the race about not achieving what I was capable of. Monkey is now off my back. I was also very pumped and excited coming through the shoot. It proves the decisions have been right this year.


As I said in a tweet, I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to HRH Prince Nasser for hosting such a wonderful event in his fine country, the Kingdom of Bahrain. I saw with my own eyes the amazing impact he has had on the sport of triathlon in the region and the health and wellness of his country. It should be commended. For example, the G-trains group coached by Greer Sansom had eight athletes complete the event, with three Bahraini women and one man achieving the outstanding result of qualifying for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships. It is clear that the Prince has set an exemplary standard for his people. I truly hope people of the region continue to aspire to achieve their personal best in this sport.



 Photo credit: Darren Wheeler


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