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Why Frankfurt?

July 13, 2017

 Photo: Ingo Kutsche


Most people have seen or read a race report about the race from Frankfurt so I'm not going to amuse you with how it played out but I have some photos here and a link to the IM broadcast for a replay HERE. Instead, I thought I would answer one big question that was popping up a lot leading into this race. FYI watch this space for a video about my round the world travels coming soon. 


So many people have asked why I did Frankfurt after winning and qualifying for Hawaii at Cairns. Even the Ironman crew were surprised with my enthusiasm to travel half way round the world when I confirmed my attendance by email.  There are a number of reasons. 


Firstly, to gauge where I am really at, we want to continue to race against the best. Frankfurt draws some athletes I rarely get to see outside of a world championship.


Secondly, I trained 8 really good weeks into Cairns and pulled up very well afterwards. We then recovered and had ample time to build into Frankfurt and capitalize on the great training I had leading into Cairns. Personally, my only inhibition was my mental capability to deal with the intense concentration required for an Ironman so close to the first one. Frankfurt is one of the best supported races in the world, so we knew the crowd would help me to lift, and it did not disappoint.


 Photo: Ingo Kutsche


Thirdly, we wanted to continue to test my ability to adapt to different race situations and holding true to the race plan whilst being out of my comfort zone with regards to knowing the course, travel, food and accommodation, effectively "dropping into a race" and also coping mentally with all the queries as to why I was even doing it. We actually only made the trip to Frankfurt on the Thursday before the race, driving the eight or nine hours from St Moritz after lunch. 


Lucky for me, all the years spent following processes at Deloitte and sticking to project plans gave me a leg up and helped me to effectively eliminate all the noise in order to cope and focus on the important things for the event. 


There were never any output or result expectations for the race. Setting expectations that are output driven is futile and a destructive way of thinking for any race. Do what you do and what will be, will be. Someone could have an Über race on the day, or I could have something uncontrollable happen to me. Any of which would only create stress when attempting to meet impossible expectations. The ONLY thing important was to race to my plan and execute the swim, bike and run exactly as we had done in training (day in day out). 


Photo: Ingo Kutsche 


I personally thought Lucy had an incredible run. It took me a lot of patience to catch her and she stuck to her guns and continued to run strong even after I passed her. This I guess shows the level of the regional championship. No easy picking. Congratulations to all the girls for a great day of racing. 


I was elated to win. I couldn't get to the finish quick enough because I was in somewhat disbelief it actually happened. 


I really need to recognize a number of people who keep me positive and continually go out of their way to make my life easier. My husband Mike, of course coach Cam Watt, my detailed guy Alex, training gun Dale , my other trisutto training buddies, special mention to Josh who creates good healthy competition, the Red Dog gang always encouraging and of course my sponsors who get me to the event with only the best gear. I would like to make a VERY special mention to the amazing Sybille for making sure my stay in Frankfurt was efficient and hassle free. She was selfless on the weekend and is an absolute asset to Ironman. Thanks S. 

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