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My 2K19 vs 2K18 Steed // A closer look Canyon Speedmax CF SLX

January 14, 2019

 Photo Credit: Oliver Baker, for USA Triathlete Magazine


I get a lot of queries as to what are the key changes between the new model Speedmax CF SLX and the 2018 model. Here I summarise the differences. I feel that the engineers at Canyon listen to the consumer and the pro athletes and are constantly looking to make the bike either more aerodynamic or more user friendly or even just better looking. Most of the recent changes were developed based on Proto-types seen at the Hawaiian Ironman on bikes ridden by Jan Frozen and Patrick Lange. Canyons are known for clean lines, simple and fast looking the latest tweeks have taken this to another level.


First of all the Specs


Frame: Canyon Speedmax CF SLX Size Small

Group: SRAMRoad eTap Red

Power: Quarq #DZero

Wheels:  Zipp Speed 858 or Super9 Disc Rear and 454 Front 

Seat: ISMSeat Adamo Road

Shoes: Suplest Edge/3

Soles: Solestar Custom 

Helmet: OakleyARO7

Hydration: PrecisionHydration

Computer: SRM PC8


1. New cockpit

Both bikes have a clear aerodynamic advantage over other bikes in the market with properly integrated bento box, storage and hydration. However the new Cockpit brings another level of neatness with the removal of the arm rest stacks and their unique integration with the hydration system. 


Not only does it make the bike more aerodynamic but the stack is now more simple than ever to adjust for a perfect bike fit. (see image below) On top of that, Canyon managed to maintain the size of the the integrated hydration bottle.  


2019 model cockpit with new integrated stack

 Photo Credit: Oliver Baker for USA Triathlete Magazine


2018 model cockpit with separate bottle and stack

 Photo Credit: Bec Ohlwein Photography


2. New Base Bar

The new base bar is slightly narrower than the old one. The previous base bar was 43cm or 16.9inches (measured from hood to hood) whereas the new model has a 40cm or 15.75inch bace bar. I have found this better for steering. It also removes 3cm of forward facing bike. 


3. Bigger CR

This year I have a larger SRAM front chain ring. I push quite heavy gears so this was a must for me. 


4. New design for me 

The new paint design is fab and looks fast, which is always important. I am once again sporting candy pink. However, there is a slight change, my 2K18 bike had a midnight blue background where as the 2K19 model is black. 


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