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Announcement // My 2019 Race Selections

January 21, 2019



So this is big news for me, I usually am a little aloof and don’t like to go broadcasting my race schedule. I like to remain fairly flexible incase circumstances change throughout the year. In fact, I feel like this flexibility has helped me maintain momentum in periods of success. 


However, this year I have signed up to some major races and want to share at least these events with you publicly, just incase you decide to join me at some of them. Also, while I have your attention!! Come back here next week when I will launch my YouTube channel in collaboration with Stef Hanson from Witstup. 


There will obviously be other races and I may even re-appear at a few events from last year, but these are the key ones for 2K19:


1. 10 February 2019 // Goondiwindi Hell of the West, Queensland, Australia 

One of my favourite races of the year. A low key, community run event that gives the true taste of the Australian outback. 


 Photo credit: Stef Hanson, Witsup


2. 9 June 2019 // Ironman Asia Pacific Championships Cairns, Queensland, Australia

This race has a special place for me. I had my first long course professional win in 2012 in the 70.3 distance event. It is also a fantastic race for some serious tropical sightseeing, with the bike leg running along the Captain Cook Highway. I have won a couple of boomerangs at this race and they certainly keep me coming back. 


3. 7 July 2019 // Challenge Roth, Germany


Having secured my 2019 Kona slot at the Ironman South American Championships in Argentina in 2018, I have the opportunity to race Challenge Roth one of my bucket list races. After Cairns I will head to or European base in St Moritz. I love racing in Germany having won both Ironman Frankfurt and Ironman Hamburg, I am immensely excited about racing Challenge Roth in 2019.


4. 12 October 2019 // Ironman World Championships Hawaii, USA

Kona is of course the premier race of the year for me and I will aim to be in my absolute top shape for October. I am not sure where we will go for our lead up this year. We have approached Kona three different ways over the past few years. The first year we were based in Jeju Korea and flew over directly from the camp, in 2017 I was based at home in Brisbane and last year I flew in from altitude in Utah.  I will spend time in the US after Europe but the length of time is yet to be confirmed. 


I will keep you posted about any additional races I decide on thought the year so stay posted / follow my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for further updates. Don't forget to come back here next week when I will launch my YouTube channel in collaboration with Stef Hanson from Witstup. 

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