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My Canyon Super Bike // Ironman Kona 2019

October 26, 2019

 Photo Credit: Nils Nilsen 


A few people have asked me what specifically was unique about my bike in Kona this year. Here is a run down on the fine details that not only make my Canyon Speedmax cosmetically awesome but also a super bike. The core of the system is the brilliant Canyon Speedmax custom painted for me, and proven time again. 


The Bars


My coach (Cam Watt) and I are aways looking for solutions that make me faster and more comfortable. When we were in St Moritz this year we decided to investigate custom bars. We did some research and had a meeting arranged with SpeedBar  after Roth for a fitting. The fitting was effortless. Canyon helped me with a mounting solution and within 6-8 weeks we had the bars ready for my final training block into Kona. The bars are out of most peoples price range but for the pointy end of the field and my specific biomechanics needs, these bars are perfect. My thoracic spine is quite stiff and rounded and for me it is important to achieve a specific angle in order to obtain better aerodynamics. The bars were particularly great in the cross winds between Waikoloa and Kawaihae.
































The Tyres


I am still in the clincher camp. For me at Kona, I ran the special Continental TT 111 Tyres. With latex tubes these are tried, tested and super reliable. In combination with the Zipp 858/454 wheels this is the fastest combination for me. 




If you come along to the Canyon booth at Noosa, you notice my cassette and chain is a treated rainbow colour (not shown here). This was a sensational surprise (added after this photo) and personal touch for all SRAM riders that had won a triathlon world title. 


SRAM etap 1x AXS


This year I have ran the SRAM etap AXS 1x. Specifically, my gearing was a special 52 tooth front chainring with the Quarq integrated power meter. My rear gearing was 33/10 giving me great range over the rolling Kona course. I admit I was a skeptic changing from my old 56 tooth front ring but the 52/10 is a very similar roll out to the 56/11 and the gear changes have been butter smooth. I would now not run anything else. There is a damper in the rear derailleur that avoids chain slip. I am very impressed with the new system. In total with the Speedbar and the AXS 1x I have saved nearly 1kg in weight on my bike from 2018. 


 Photo Credit: Nils Nilsen 


Custom soles


Each year i have my soles checked and updated by Oliver Elsenbach from Elsenbachdiagnostik / Solestar. The soles in combination with my Suplest carbon shoe provides fantastic power transfer and makes sure all my watts are being used to go forwards. 

This stuff is such a privilege and we are always pushing to improve and find ways to go faster. I am confident next year we will again move to another level and optimise my legs for the run off the bike. There are a number of other speed features in my race tool kit for swim, bike and and run. I'll share more later in a VLOG. 

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